first time friends come free

Be a Studio Ambassador

Some things are better together

As an EPY Package holder* you can share your practice and bring a first-time guest to class with you for free

Step 1:

Share this link with your friend and have them complete everything prior to arriving to the studio

Step 2:

Pick a date and time for you and your guest to practice together

Step 3:

Arrive to the studio with your guest and head to the front desk. Inform us that you are using an ambassador pass and we will take it from there!

*Packages & Memberships that include Ambassador Passes: Get Started 2-week Intro, Monthly Packages & Memberships, Auto-Renewing Packages & Memberships, 10 class cards

Invite your friends to class!

follow the link then share it to your guest to invite them to join you for class

Everything you need to know about your Ambassador Pass

Who can give out an Ambassador Pass?

The following packages include Ambassador Passes:

  • Get Started 2-Week Unlimited Introductory Package

  • 5X Monthly Package

  • 8X Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership

  • Annual Unlimited Membership

  • 10 Class Card

  • College and Highschool Monthly Packages

Who can I bring as a guest?

You can extend an Ambassador Pass to any first-time guest to Evolution Power Yoga (they have never taken a class with us before)

How many times can I bring someone as a guest?

Each first-time student can only use an Ambassador Pass once

How many Ambassador Passes can I give out?

You have unlimited Ambassador Passes to use - so you can bring as many first-time friends as you like

Do I have to come to class with them?

Of course! This is all about sharing your practice with someone special - it's not sharing if they're here alone

Can I bring someone virtually?

Ambassador Passes are intended as a tool for you to generate community locally in your home studio - so it's limited to in-studio classes only

How do I give out an Ambassador Pass?

Copy and share this link with your guest and let them know to complete the steps prior to arriving to the studio and joining you for class - that's it!

How does my guest book their class?

Be sure they complete the steps on the link you shared with them prior to arriving to class. Arrive at the studio with your guest and accompany them to the front desk. Let our team know you are utilizing an Ambassador Pass. We'll handle everything from there!